about the work
My most recent body of work addresses liminal spaces, both physical and psychological. The work is the culmination of a year including extensive traveling and was made in direct response to those experiences. Numerous photographs included in the book Working Title were taken out of airplanes, trains, automobiles, and buses, recalling the physical act of moving between places. Other photos play heavily with transparency of materials and reflections, creating both compacted and expanded depths of field. Objects are shown in transitional or unintentional spaces; seemingly unsure of their function, yet serving as stand-ins for similar human instability. In this body of work, ephemeral objects and moments are captured and made permanent either through photographing or a transformation of materials. In the series of sculptures Left of Winter, forms made from snowbanks were cast in aluminum, prolonging their natural lifecycle and turning a negative form into a positive.

Water is an important element throughout the collection, standing in as a metaphor for transient and shifting bodies. Poem, a sculptural structure made from window film and wood, ambiguously alludes to water as well as to forms such as doorways, windows, reflecting pools, tables, benches and beds. The size relates directly to the human body and when viewing the piece, a person witnesses their own form reflected back at them on the film while simultaneously being able to see through to the floor. This confusion of space is of interest to me, and is played out again in the large scale photographic diptych Shiftings: Minneapolis, Spain, as well as in the images that comprise the book. Endless Summer, a sculpture in the form of a rope ladder, extends between floors and serves as the most pointed reference to the act of traveling. Gracefully floating in space, the piece serves a futile function as it neither reaches a destination, nor is capable of holding a body's weight. In this body of work, I am investigating relationships in and through space. I aim to expose and extend transitional moments that typically get forgotten in favor of the destination.