things said in passing

composite photographs

These images are a selection from a larger series of seascapes that reference scenic photographs taken while on vacation. On one hand a reminder of time spent in such idyllic landscapes, these images also serve as a beckoning to return. Pieced together from photographs taken on my own travels, these composite images serve as an artifice to the tropical dream. In spite of currently being landlocked, I create my own pseudo vacation memories and memorabilia through continuous recycling of personal snapshots. In these new pairings of sea and sky, I control the weather, the time of day, and the landscape. While these composite photographs are familiar and readily accessible, there are points where the duplicity of the images reveal themselves; the horizon line is too straight, the shadows in the water don’t match up with the clouds above, and the perspective often skews. These picturesque landscapes are unattainable, a ruse designed to assuage the wanderlust of a heart aching for the sea.